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Bridge2Business has set a benchmark in listing and cataloging of products on multiple e-commerce platforms. A systematically designed content drives the customers to stay more on the webpage and increases the chances of a sale tremendously. With seamless IT infrastructure and operational capabilities, we ensure a fast and accurate listing of your products. Our diligent team possesses the right skill sets to match all your requirements related to content creation for each product; we do it all that helps your business to reach and sustain in the top position.

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  • Upto 100 SKU Rs. 15 per SKU
  • 101-to 500 SKU Rs. 10 per SKU
  • Above 500 Rs. 8 per SKU


  • Upto 100 SKU Rs. 30 per SKU
  • 101-to 500 SKU Rs. 20 per SKU
  • Above 500 Rs. 15 per SKU
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